How to Create Your SaveBRC Community Campaign Page

Log In to Your Campaign Page

After you’ve requested to host a SaveBRC Campaign Page, you’ll receive an email from “Donate”.

  1. Click the link in that email.
  2. Click the “BURNING MAN PROFILES” button at the bottom.
  3. Log in with the same email address and password you use for your Burner Profile (NOTE: if you use multiple email addresses to log into your Burner Profile, use the one where you received our invitation to participate). Recover your password if you’ve forgotten it.
  4. Once logged in, fill out the form to create your page.
  5. To return to your page after you’ve logged out, log in at

Customize Your Campaign Page

Use the Create Campaign Page form to customize your Campaign Page as you wish (scroll down for an example). Address your crew and campmates, encouraging them to donate and share the campaign with their network. Get creative — share some stories from Burns past!

Add your custom information, including a campaign name, text, an image, a video (not required, but we recommend it!), and a personal image. Click the “Submit Your Content” button when you’re done, and your Campaign Page will be published. It’s that easy! (Don’t worry, you’ll be able to edit your page after you submit it.)

IMPORTANT: your Campaign Name cannot be changed after it’s created. It will be part of your URL, so choose it carefully! Make it short, distinctive, and identifiable to your crew, camp, or community, like: “Camp SparklePony” or “Rainbow Car” or “Dirt Hippies R-Us”. You can include spaces, but don’t use any special characters … they just screw things up.

Editing Your Campaign Page

To edit your page content, click the “Edit Content” button at the bottom of your Campaign Page, which will take you to the Campaign Edit page. (Note: the “Edit Content” button only shows up if you’re logged in). Update whatever content you wish, hit the “Submit” button, and you’re done.

Adding an Update Message to Your Campaign

You can add update messages to the Campaign Page to poke at your crew, keeping them up to date and inspired. It’s easy (seeing a trend here?). Scroll down the Campaign Page to the “Add an Update” section … add your text and a YouTube or Vimeo video URL (the URL, not the embed code!) if you’d like. Hit the “Submit update” button when you’re done, and your update will show up in reverse chronological order in the Updates section of your Campaign Page. Voila!

NOTE: You cannot delete updates, but if you really need one deleted, we can do it for you. Just email and tell us your page URL and which update you’d like deleted.

Closing Out Your Campaign

If you want to end your campaign at any time, email your request to, and we’ll remove it immediately. Otherwise, your campaign will end when the main campaign ends, currently scheduled for October 29, 2020.

Campaign Page Sample

sample p2p page