In Gratitude

Our Heartfelt


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You embody the spirit of gifting which resonates out from Black Rock City to the rest of the world.

We are energized by the heartwarming messages of support we are receiving from the community.


We’re happy to support the Burning Man Family. Burning Man is everywhere, even in the Multiverse. We’re looking forward to seeing you all again next year on the playa. — Rudolf, Zürich, Switzerland
It is an honor to support this amazing community! — Mark "Sparky", Mountain View, CA
Love and light — Alexey, Moscow, Russia
I couldn’t donate before, but now that I’m working again, I’m happy to help my community. — celune, Monaco, Monaco, Monaco
Having been to Burning Man just once gave me more than I could ever pay back in monetary value. This is not about keeping an event alive but the idea that the world could be a different place in which the BM principles inspire people to create a community that is characterised by tolerance, equality, and unconditional companionship. — Philipp, Köln, Germany
I wish I could give more!! — Heather, HENDERSON, NV
Burningman was better next year, anyway. — Harrison, Las vegas, NV
Thank you for giving us the option to donate! Burning Man is so meaningful to me, and I wish I could donate more of my refund at this time but money is extremely tight right now. Love and well wishes to you all and I hope to see you at Home again in 2021! — Kincade, Sandy, UT
Mahalo for all you do!!! — Alethea , Kamuela, HI
Keep the Burn Alive! 🔥 — Michael, Jackson, WY
I wish I could offer to donate the full amount, but as my job is uncertain at present, I have tried to give what I can. I hope you can keep up the amazing work the team at BMan do, and I very much hope to join next year. — Vanessa, London, United Kingdom
I hope this helps! Sorry I couldn't donate more. — Kevin, Brooklyn, NY
Burning Man, the closest I feel to true freedom — Brian, Seattle, WA
Thanks for being a light in the world. — Aaron, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Sad I cant work out at Arctica this year, but kudos to all being done during this crazy pandemic to keep the burning man spirit alive and well.....much love and frosty hugs to all! — Jamie, Carlsbad, CA
Donating after getting a full refund from the DGS tickets I bought. I do hope this helps with the Burning Man Project, and do hope we can all meet again in playa next year. Be safe! — Andres, Mexico City, DF, Mexico
2020 is our year to make Burning Man culture explode like a dandelion in the wind. — Margaret, Seattle, WA
Thank you for offering the refund/donation option - we really appreciate it! It's a tough time for us now financially, but we thought it was important to support the Burning Man Project as much as we can - we hope our donation helps, and we're looking forward to being back on the Playa next year :) Wishing you all the best! — Ronan, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Let's keep the burn alive! Thank you to the organization for all that you do. <3 We will be making a camp donation ASAP as well. — Brett, San Francisco, CA
This is the first of multiple donations I hope to make. Burning Man has been integral in my life for the last decade, and I want future generations to experience the same magic. Thank you. — Ashley, Venice, CA
Til next year, always wishing I could do more. Cheers — Michael, Yucca Valley, CA
Look forward to seeing you on the Playa in 2021. — Joseph, HOUSTON, TX
I hope I will be able to donate more in the future. I've never been there, but I have seen so many cool things that I would like to join in 2021 or 2022. — Lakis, Allschwil, BL, Switzerland
Burn brightly. Stand for those oppressed. Awaken love and compassion in your heart and let it spread. — Aaron, Pittsburgh, PA
I believe each individual have their own creative powers, yet we are taken further away from them each day and told not to believe our intuition. I love how Burning Man supports local artists and helps them to pursue their powers. I love how for few days we can be collective instead of separate individuals because we are all connected, and united we create the universe. — Zerrin Irem, Leeds, United Kingdom
I love the self reliance Burning Man has instilled in me, it's coming in handy for getting through this Pandemic. I also really appreciate the connections I've made in the Burning Man community right now. — Katrina, TACOMA, WA
I love that you refunded tickets even though you didn’t have to. — Matthew, San Jose, CA
Thanks for making refunds available in this difficult moments! Gutted we would not be able to collide in Black Rock City this year, but that was the right decision to make. Hope my donation will help keeping BM afloat for next year...until then stay safe out there! <3 — Thierry, Aubergenville, France
I know this is hard for everyone, and I’m really sad because this would have been my 24th consecutive birthday on the playa, but this is the right thing to do. Thank you for all those wonderful years, and I hope to spend my 50th birthday at Burning Man 2021! — Dennise, San Francisco, CA
I love the freedom of expression, the openness, and kindness of the community. — Yvonne, Burlingame, CA
I love you Burning Man. You are where I first felt freedom. And where my spirit found safe haven. You are a fundamental part of my identity. You are where my true self thrives. In recent years I became lost in new roles and overwhelmed by the intensity of new motherhood. Last year I realised I'd forgotton who I was and what made me smile. After 3 years away (the longest ever) I came home and left whole again. You are my anchor. Thank you. — Antonia, London, United Kingdom
We embrace everything about Burning Man and are happy to be able to donate! Love always. — Alisa, San Diego, CA
Burning Man gave me the outlet to become the leader I am today. I donate so BM can continue to provide a foundation for future leaders within the culture of the 10 principles. — Athena, Los Angeles, CA
We love you all so much and are doing lots of other fundraising through our camp to contribute to the Org now, and this year. Hang in there!! — Quayle, Boulder, CO
We are so appreciative of all that you guys do, please know that if we could donate more we would. See you next year! — Tyler, Golden, CO
We are so sad that BM did not happen in light of the pandemic after just experiencing our virgin burn, and we're excited to to return for the full experience! We look forward to next year's event and thus donate 50% of our money to the community to make next year even better!!! — michael, New York, NY
Giving back to the Burning Man Project and Community which has given so much to many of us. — Gert, San Francisco, CA
Hope this is helpful to you guys. Thanks for everything you do. — Anatoly, Foster City, CA
I love looking out at the playa at night - seeing the ring of lights in every direction - each LED shining from something someone built to share with the world. What a place. <3 — Shaun, San Francisco, CA
It's helped me find myself and know myself. A unique experience that re-instills my faith in humanity and shows what we are truly capable of being to each other. — Patrick, Los Angeles, CA
Too bad this year the event cannot take place. Stay safe. Let's work on that next year is better — Martin, Wuppertal, Germany
I'll miss Burning Man so much this year. I love the spirit of burners: the radical inclusion, the radical self-expression, the participation and especially the immediacy, enjoy the moment. Can't wait to feel the dust again. — Charlotte, PAPEETE, TAHITI, French Polynesia
The Ashram Galactica appreciates and loves everything the organization and all volunteers are doing to keep the culture and future of BRC alive!!! — James, Victoria South, BC, Canada
I never thought Burning Man would change my life the way it has. Please use this money to keep the Man burning. — Karl, Campbell, CA
much love — Jonathan, Geneve, Switzerland
Thank you for the opportunity to get a refund - because of personal finances at this time I can’t donate much - but can do 25 percent. Looking forward to next year - keeping fingers crossed it happens! — Carleton, Makawao, HI
With unconditional LOVE❤️ from Camp JouJou — ADI, Brooklyn, NY
Really wish I was able to donate more at this point, but I'll be back to donate later on. — Omar, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Burning Man is needed now more than ever. Thank you for the work you do that helps us, the citizens of BRC, spread the culture to our communities.🔥💖🔥 — John, Key West, FL
I got a few camp members to chip in. So we could donate 100% to our beloved Burning Man, cannot wait to come back stronger next year. Much love! — Max, Drumcondra, Dublin, Ireland