In Gratitude

Our Heartfelt


To Our


You embody the spirit of gifting which resonates out from Black Rock City to the rest of the world.

We are energized by the heartwarming messages of support we are receiving from the community.


Burning Man changed my life. I’m happy to give back what I can in these tough times. — Wil, San Francisco, CA
I was unable to donate the cost of my ticket during the first wave of Covid. Very happy to send that money now. — Sam, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Thank you for providing a canvas for open minds and beautiful souls to converge and share many gifts. — Erika, Fairfax, CA
The magic of the playa changed my life and it's my pleasure to help ensure it's there to do the same for someone else. Burning Man is a unique gift in this world and like all things that matter, you have to fight for it on occasion. — Ali, Woodand hills, CA
Burning man is a one of a kind and incredibly invaluable experience and is needed to teach lessons about humanity for ages to come. We have to keep the spirit of the man alive! — Rosario, Simi Valley, CA
I truly found home at Burning Man and only just beginning. We must not let this culture die. )*( — Gaia, Hopkinton, MA
Thank you for keeping the spirit alive. Love from London — Alex, London, --- Please Select ---, United Kingdom
We need Burning Man to keep our soul nourished during this troubled times - now more than ever! — Nick, Berkeley, CA
This is to pay it forward in hopes that Burning Man ethos survives to bring another person and change their life trajectory like the folks I met at Black Rock City did for me. — Kevin, Burnaby, BC, Canada
Burning man is one of the most magical, special, and transformative places. I want it to live on for everyone who has yet to go and want to and experience our special place and for everyone to go back and continue to connect and make the world a better place. — Amanda, San Francisco, CA
The Dust City Diner waitresses have gathered all our tips together in support of all the love you give every year. It's a small drop in the bucket, really we are just slipping you a pickle. We wish it was more, but know we love and adore you all. — Michael, San Francisco, CA
Missing the love, struggle, and grilled cheeses the playa provides!!! — Randall, Tahoe City, CA
Please bring the magic back! So stoked to be apart of this community. — Devon, Santa Cruz, CA
This is for all those sunrises 🌅 — Crystal May, Culver City, CA
There is no place like home. Burning Man continues to be a beacon of hope during these challenging times and a potent reminder that a better world can be co-created if we simply choose to build it together. — Julianne, Miami, FL
We love you and thank you for everything!! We’ll support you with what ever we can. — Amy, La Jolla, CA
I miss the dust, the crackly playa, the random hugs, the buoyant love, the mind-bending creativity. I miss acting like a kid. Long live Burning Man! — Lisa, San Rafael, CA
Thanks for keeping BRC alive! — Chris, Citrus Heights, CA
Kia Kaha. — GAry J, Auckland, NV
Wish you all the luck, please keep it going! — Mike, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Gifting is to Participation as Communal Effort is to Civic Responsibility! Take care of what you value! Or it will disappear before your eyes in a cloud of dust not smoke. — James, San Diego, CA
The gifts I've received from participating in the Burning community are priceless. Friends, adventures, many reasons to contribute my time and creative talents to something that has a magnificent impact in humanity. I am forever grateful! — Danielle, Tampa, FL
Good luck keeping the fires burning til we meet again — John, Accord, NY
Wish I could do as much for you as you do for me. <3 — John, Lansing, MI
I got more from you than I can ever give — Omar, San Francisco, CA
Thank you Burning Man Org + Community for supporting ME. This is a fraction of what you've given me — Mark, San Francisco, CA
Participated in 2016 and, at age 61, hope to make it back at least once more in my lifetime. Happy to contribute. — Matt, Green Bay, WI
The world needs Burning Man now more than ever. — Eric, Norwood, OH
Black Rock City is the epicenter of the cultural engine that is Burning Man. More than happy to contribute the cost of this year’s ticket to help ensure BRC continues and we can all return home! — Danny, San Francisco, CA
In dust we trust. Thank you for keeping the flame burning. <3 — Vladislav, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Please keep the Burn Alive. We badly need our home at BRC!!! Dusty Hugs — Kathy, Noblesville, IN
Burning Man has changed my life. Let’s return the favor. — Glenn, SanDiego, CA
I truly appreciate BRC and the org for all they have done for me and humanity. To the future we go! — David, Silver Spring, MD
All in the spirit of gifting! Here's to future dusty hugs )'( — Kim, Freeland, WA
Burning Man changed me life. It gave me clarity, inner peace, hope and a resource that I keep tapping into. It saved me, and now I hope I can help save it. — Roman, London, London, United Kingdom
We're all in this together... and our hearts are with you! — Evgeny, Walnut Creek, CA
I can't imagine a world where BRC doesn't exist. Once this pandemic washes over I can't wait for human connection and creation again in our beloved home. Hopefully this donation helps! — Nicole, San Francisco, CA
Burning Man has been calling to me for some time now, I want to contribute to this save BRC so that one day I will get to experience the magic first hand. — Jo, Colchester, Essex, United Kingdom
Math Camp loves you! — albert, Palo Alto, CA
Happy to share what I can to help preserve this magical multiverse that’s shaped me into the human bean I am today. #nextyearwasbetteranyways mad love to all who make this thang happen! — Sianne, Austin, TX
My life would not be the same without Burning Man. The world would not be the same without Burning Man. Love. — Logan, Santa Monica, CA
Because it feels like home and you take care of your home. Thank you all for your hard work. — Shelly, El Dorado Hills, CA
Thank you for giving us the space to be free and create, to do what we have always dreamt of doing and be what we have always dreamt of being, for showing us what was already inside of us. — Kaitlyn, Los Angeles, CA
The world needs the playa now more than ever!!! — Lindsay, Doylestown, PA
As we’re all going through financial challenges, I hope my humble contribution helps to support our great city :) — Aleksander, Los Angeles, CA
Saving BRC is important to me. I want to be able to share this gift with others who haven’t had the chance to experience it yet! — Nicole, Deerfield beach, FL
Thank you to the amazing donors matching! And to everyone’s hard work saving our home in the desert. ~ Ambitious — Kyle, Seattle, WA
The spirit of Burning Man is something I absolutely don't want this world to have to live with out!! — Sierra, Novato, CA
Lets keep this dream alive — Joseph, San Francisco, CA
So that someday, I can watch my daughter's face light up with wonder as she watches her first Burn. Let's keep that fire going. <3 )'( <3 — Stephanie, Fort Wayne, IN