Join the Black Rock Tea Company for a cup in 2021

Greetings from the Black Rock Tea Company! It was so sad missing the playa this year, and we certainly don’t want THAT to happen again. So we’re joining up with the rest of the Burning Man community to SAVE BLACK ROCK CITY, and we’re hoping you can pitch in for the cause. Our time in BRC gives us that irreplaceable mental reboot, the permission to be our most creative selves, and the inspiration to be our best selves, while surrounded by brilliant and amazing people from around the globe. The world needs that now more than ever, folks. We know times are tough for everybody right now, but whatever you can pitch in — even $5 or $10 — will make a difference. If you can’t make a donation, that’s ok, we completely understand. You can still help out by sharing this campaign with your friends, co-conspirators and network. Let’s show them what the Black Rock Tea Company can do, and let’s get back to the dust!


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