Bump up 2 Pump up The Man

Greetings to Inflation Station Campers, friends and family! 2020 has been been a lot of things, lotsa challenges and some sparkling experiences shining through. As we all know burning man was cancelled, and likely it may be some time before we can once again gather again as a camp at burning man proper. I love regionals, and look forward to exploring more in the future, yet there is something in the big burn that sets it apart. The big art, the anonymity of exploring new opportunities and the warmth of being with and meeting friends old and new. I understand these times are challenging, and that burning man has many supporters that have deep pockets. Please, consider a donation to burning man, if you want to. I’m able to give a little  something because I love and value the multitude of experiences I e had at TTITD. Kinda like voting, mine may or maynot make the overall difference, yet I’m proud to be a part of the process of bringing BM back once again, in some way or form. I LOVE you all!!! The Strangineer 🛠🔥)’(


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