Docs sideshows of shameless beggary

Hi my name is Baron and I am a burnahloic. It has been 402 days since I had my last burn. I am supposed to put a lovey dovey blurb here, screw that I need my fix. I am looking back on this year so far and all I can say is well that sucked. On top of everything else Burning Man is unraveling….wait what! Yes Burning Man put all their eggs in one basket and they tripped over Covid and smashed all the eggs (wait I have been advised to state that this is no reference to eggs bar). If you were you expecting “oh please help us” “we can get through this together” Fuck that the that  the powers that be are so desperate that they actually ask me to help raise money? I am not doing the tin cup please help us thing I’m the homeless guy who follows you down the street yelling at you. I am tired of baking bread and somehow trying to recapture the magic of burning man through the internet. Not the same! I need to be hot, exhaled, covered in playa, surrounded by people so amazing they make me feel bad about who I am as a human, and make me question if I have wasted my entire life. “Someone” told me I will be given complete control of Burning Man if I can get enough money together. Once I get enough money, I am going to use this money to buy Burning Man. Yes, I am buying Burning Man they are broke so I figure we can get it at a good price or at the very least I expect to be able to influence the rules and regulation and remake it in my image. If you don’t give enough not to worry, cuz I will take it over and rule it like North Korea.


Your Dear Leader


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