Let's bring Black Rock City back!

The Iron Monkeys are a blacksmithing collective out of Seattle, WA and we have been building, bringing and burning big ass propane-fuelled steel structures in Black Rock City since 2006.

Over the years we have welcomed new folks from all over the world into our crew to collaborate on dreaming up and building community gathering spaces. The only entrance criteria has been a willingness to step up and participate in our shared vision.  Most of us who have joined the Iron Monkeys have had little to no metalworking experience. We all learn over time (and a lot of sweat) to appreciate blacksmithing as an art form. Building art for Black Rock City gives us a canvas to share what we do, a damn fine reason to teach willing participants new skills, and an opportunity to create projects so much bigger than anything we could achieve as individuals.

And while participating in Black Rock City isn’t the only thing that the Iron Monkeys do, we absolutely wouldn’t be us without it.

With Black Rock City currently under threat of never coming back, we knew we had to jump in to do what we can to ensure that our beloved city, that place we call Home, rises again.  Not just for us, but for all the people who have yet to have their hearts, minds and creative spirits burst open by setting foot on the dusty playa.


As of right now the members of the Iron Monkeys have pledged $4,700 to #saveBRC.  We would love to have our friends, fans and family meet us (at least) at that amount. Will you join us?

Photo below:  Plaza of Introspectus, BRC 2019.  Photo by Espressobuzz.


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