Support Burning Man with the Mycodelic Forest

Greetings little spores! I know we’ve all been knocked around this year, and it seems like its been hardship after hardship with no end in sight. COVID 19 has really surprised a lot of us and we’ve seen large events and festivals that we thought were permanent fixtures to go belly up. Getting 80,000 people to (mostly) safely gather in the desert is no small task and takes a lot of gifted people working together throughout the year to make it work. After having to cancel the event due to COVID and safety reasons, Burning Man Project did the right thing and offered all ticket holders refunds. This resulted in about 3 million dollars of revenue but nothing close to the amount needed to sustain the Org’s operations for the whole year. They’ve done a lot to reduce the budget, but reducing it much more will begin to seriously jeopardize the future of the event.

The Mycodelic Forest has always been a small group of scrappy Burners that have made whatever little we have work. One of our first evapatrons on the playa was literally made from cardboard and bicycle parts and some bits duct taped together! I think one year one of our carports was similarly duct taped together because we forgot some parts. Whoops! Many of us have been lucky enough to become successful since our little camp started gathering out in the dust and luckily not EVERYTHING is held together with duct tape these days. Even if you can only donate a few dollars, every dollar counts. Consider donating a beer or 5 bucks to show your support, or more if you are lucky enough to have gainful employment these days! If the Mycodelic Forest or Burning Man has had a positive impact on you or even just someone you know — consider donating a few dollars to Burning Man Project.

Next year is going to be the best year ever! See you all in the dust 🙂


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