We Want Another Year of Burning Man!

Greetings Nectarines!

It was rough missing the playa this year, and we certainly don’t want THAT to happen again. So we’re joining up with the rest of the Burning Man community to SAVE BLACK ROCK CITY, and we’re hoping you can pitch in for the cause.

We have something very special that we build every year in Nectar Village, and so I hope we can put that special something to use and help raise some funds to bridge the Burning Man Project through until their next ticket sale.

We know times are tough for everybody right now, but whatever you can pitch in — even $5 or $10 — will make a difference. If you can’t make a donation, that’s ok, we completely understand. You can still help out by sharing this campaign with your friends, co-conspirators and network. Please consider sharing this often and everywhere. There is only so much that our immediate community can directly give, but by engaging your network of friends and family, you can truly make a difference!

Let’s show them what Nectar Village can do, and let’s get back to the dust!


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