Help Save the Future of Black Rock City

It was hard to not go home this year! Many friends and experiences were sorely missed. I’d like to go back again (2021?) and the Org is requesting our help.  They’ve reduced their budget needs just to get them through the next few months until our favorite city can be planned again. This is crowdfunding on a grand scale, which means that anything you can pitch in — even $5 or $10 — will make a difference. I understand many people have issues with the size of the Org, or their budget, etc., and I won’t fault anyone who doesn’t want to contribute. But it’s also true that even the most fiscally conservative organizations have only a few months of reserve cash on hand, which our Org did. With almost no incoming revenue for this year (after most tickets were refunded), our help is needed if they’re going to bring us all back to the playa next year and in the future.


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