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2020: To me the term “we are all in it together” is overused.  While many of you might have been negatively impacted in 2020, others did fine or even better than before.   For those on the latter, whether in 2020 or in life, this is meant for you:  

For the past 9 years we have joined together in Black Rock City as a camp. Through planning, building, and celebration, we have formed some of the happiest and touching memories, and most meaningful connections in our lives. Burning Man has been a place to connect and to be our authentic selves. 


Anyone familiar with Burning Man behind the scenes knows that producing this event is a humongous challenge. This is true not only for our camp, but more so for the Burning Man Org as a whole. Personally I always felt there were many ways the Burning Man Org could improve. Sadly they did not put long-term planning or efficiency at the top of their priorities over the last decade, and is evident as we are facing an international crisis.

As a result, Burning Man is in existential danger and for now the org cut the expenses down to the bare minimum just to keep afloat til the next burn. 

If / when the org does come out of this crisis, I hope that long term changes will come out of this pain.
That said, despite these faults, the organization has significantly changed the course of my life for the better, (as I am sure it did for many of you), and I feel the need to contribute back to burning man in every way I can to “keep the flame burning” (pun intended).

So, If you are in a position to help the org survive until the next burn, I am asking you to contribute what you can in hope that the collective effort from all Burners will be enough for us to have future summers on Playa. 


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