Season of Gratitude

Season of Gratitude


Like Burning Man itself, this Season of Gratitude gift is the co-creation of many amazing individuals and groups.

Rotoscope Animations

Motion Designer: Gabriel Galluccio

Animator: Stan Allende

Animation Sounds

Music by:
Tracks: SciFi, Little Planet

Music by:
Track: Jazzy French
Ambience: Astral Head Wash, 360 Video by Denise Quon and Tod Colegrove

Music by:
Track: Perception

Audio Engineer: Steven Blumenfeld


Playa Dance, 2019 (Photo by Stephane Lanoux)

Forked Dress, 2003 (Photo by Markus Baue)

Mermaids on the playa, 2011 (Photo by Janet Clay)

Cowboy, 2013 (Photo by Tuval Rabina)

Jesster Canucklehead!, 2011 (Photo by Scott London)

Morning Yoga in the Dust, 2017 (Photo by Jamen Percy)

Amazing Burner Colorful Costume, 2019 (Photo by Henry Wu)

Fire Dancer at Burning Man, 2019 (Photo by Scott London)

Inner Peace, 2019 (Photo by Stephane Lanoux)

Dollface, 2019 (Photo by Lukasz Szczepanski)

A Prince Literally it’s Princeton, 2018 (Photo by Eric Stoliker)

Frank, 2018 (Photo by Juan P. Zapata)

Gold Bedazzle, 2017 (Photo by David Nelson-Gal)

A Beast at the Temple, 2012 (Photo by Scott London)

Cappy Buchon, 2012 (Photo by Scott London)

Participants by the Temple of Flux, 2010 (Photo by SN Jacobson)

Uncle Ira, 2014 (Photo by Scott London)

Burner Culture, 2008 (Photo by Ian Lauder)

Burner culture, costuming in lights. 2014 (Photo by Ron Worobec)

Stilt walker in costume, 2014 (Photo by Zipproah Lomax)

Two well-dressed Burners. 2016 (Photo by James Wynd)

Tina Liu, 2015 (Photo by Rick Egan)

Black Rock City, 2016 (Photo by Jamen Percy)

Dressed to impress, 2016 (Photo by Jamen Percy)

A burning elder, 2016 (Photo by kmerkin)

Matt with her own designed outfit, 2018 (Photo by Juan P. Zapata)

Nicole, 2019 (Photo by Juan P. Zapata)

In front of the camera instead of behind for once!, 2017 (Photo by Jamen Percy)

A flock of French morning roosters, 2019 (Photo by Scott London)

GWAPHIC WABBITS, 2019 (Photo by George P. Post)

Burner fashion in the Cafe, 2014 (Photo by Zipproah Lomax)

Natalia, 2018 (Photo by Juan P. Zapata)

Burner portrait. Definitely in character, 2017 (Photo by Lukasz Szczepanski)

Burners in pink with flamingo heads, 2017 (Photo by Lukasz Szczepanski)

Sunset costumes, 2018 (Photo by Jamen Percy)

Virgin Burner Heidi Staun, 2019 (Photo by Vanessa Franking)


“Lodestar” by Randy Polumbo, 2018

“Corpus” by Michael Christian, 2019

“To Bee or Not to Bee” by Mr & Mrs Ferguson, 2019

“Bee Dance” by Andrea Greenlees, Andy Tibbetts, and Josh Haywood, 2019

“The Folly” by Dave Keane & The Folly Builders, 2019

“The Flybrary” by Christina Sporrong, 2019

“Reared in Steel’s Fire Cathedral” by Reared In Steel, 2019

“The Monumental Mammoth” by Tahoe Mack, Dana Albany & Luis Valera-Rico

“#Slonik” by Mikhail Tsaturyan, 2019

“Happy Birthday! (MEGA CAKE)” by Them White and Piece of Cake Productions, 2019

“Galaxia” by Arthur Mamou-Mani, 2018

“Expansion Pavilion” by Shrine, 2019

BORiNG Sign, 2019 (Photo by Juan P. Zapata)

The Orb by Bjarke Ingels, Jakob Lange, and I, Orbot, 2018 (Photo by Mark Nixon)

The Chilopod by Lawrence Grown, Embrio LLC, 2018 (Photo by Bill Klemens)

The Lantern by Josh Haywood, 2018 (Photo by espressobuzzphoto)

ANAHAD by Stefano Casati, 2018 (Photo by espressobuzzphoto)

Dream Genie by Sean McFarland, 2018 (Photo by Susan Becker)

WORM WATCH, 2018 (Photo by George P. Post)

All Power to All People by Hank Willis Thomas, 2018 (Photo by Dan Adams)

HaHa… by Laura Kimpton and Jeff Schomberg(Photo by Juan P. Zapata)

Ilumina by Pablo González Vargas (Photo by Robert Bruce Anderson)

O NOME DA ROSA by Nuno Paulino & Artelier? – TNR studios (Photo by Lukasz Szczepanski)

Desert Guard by Lu Ming 2018 (Photo by Jeff Lipsman)

Night at the Climb In by Dustin Weatherford, 2018 (Photo by Scott London)

Individuation by Euan McLeod, 2019 (Photo by Scott London)

The Head Maze by Matt Schultz, 2019 (Photo by Scott London)

Tree of Ténéré by Zachary Smith, Alexander Green, Mark Slee, and Patrick Deegan, 2017 (Photo by David Bunnell)


Web Developer: Trevor Bice

Creative Direction:Tanner Boeger

Mutant Vehicles

Rocket Car by David Best, 2016 (Photo by Scott Bain)

The Playa Fishy by Stephen Horton, 2017 (Photo by Susan Becker)

WuShu by Jonathan Spano, 2016 (Photo by alesp)


Come and get some clothes, 2018 (Photo by Charles Mosneron Dupin)

Welcome to Serendipity outpost, 2018 (Photo by Charles Mosneron Dupin)

Camp Corny, 2018 (Photo by Charles Mosneron Dupin)

NSA camp, 2018 (Photo by Charles Mosneron Dupin)

Great stop, 2018 (Photo by Charles Mosneron Dupin)

Frozen Oasis bar fun time!, 2019 (Photo by Stephane Lanoux)

The Talk, 2019 (Photo by Eleanor Preger)

Making Resin Art At Disorient Camp, 2019 (Photo by Eleanor Preger)

The Bazaar, 2013 (Photo by Eric Stoliker)

Members of Que Viva, 2016 (Photo by Tony Edwards)

Lightning in a Bottle, 2018 (Photo by Eric Stoliker)

Misfit Island at the Prize Cock, 2018 (Photo by Eric Stoliker)

Food and crafts!, 2018 (Photo by Eric Stoliker)

The giant snail slide at camp ¡Playasos!, 2018 (Photo by Susan Becker)

At Voodoo Soup, 2018 (Photo by Susan Becker)

Pink Mammoth, 2018 (Photo by George P. Post)

Dragon puppet, 2019 (Photo by George P. Post)

Serving Pho all Day, 2019 (Photo by

Sharing Focaccia at Lovin’ Oven, 2019 (Photo by

Sunrise Diner, 2018 (Photo by Mark Mennie)

DMV at Night, 2019 (Photo by Leori Gill)

Thunderdome Opening Night 4, 2019 (Photo by Leori Gill)

Thunderdome Opening Night 3, 2019 (Photo by Leori Gill)

Metamorphosis Burning Man, 2019 (Photo by Manuel B Pinto)

Located 430 G, 2018 (Photo by Manuel B Pinto)

Camps- Coconut Oasis, 2018 (Photo by Dan Adams)

Green flower fabric, 2019 (Photo by Philippe Glade)

Black light installation at night, 2019 (Photo by Philippe Glade)

A rare quiet moment inside Center Camp during a windstorm, 2018 (Photo by Rob Plenert)

Participants enjoying the Hammered Bar, 2018 (Photo by Manuel B Pinto)

Evening Coffee, 2018 (Photo by Keith Aeschliman)

A robot emerges from a really bad dust storm in Camp Threat, 2018 (Photo by Jacques de Selliers)

Camp Do Nothing, 2018 (Photo by Jacques de Selliers)

The “Playa Pops Symphony”, 2018 (Photo by Jacques de Selliers)

Robot statue and “HotShot The Robot” in front of “Robotronia”, 2018 (Photo by Jacques de Selliers)

“The Prize Cock” camp, 2018 (Photo by Jacques de Selliers)

The mechanical bull at Camp Silver City, 2019 (Photo by Jini Sachse)

Burning Man 2018: I, Robot, 2018 (Photo by Chayna Girling)

Servant’s Sweet Fire, 2018 (Photo by Chayna Girling)

Star Star, 2018 (Photo by Chayna Girling)

Dustfish, 2018 (Photo by Chayna Girling)

Hardly’s SF Decompression, 2018 (Photo by Leori Gill)

Rearing Horse by Barry Crawford, 2018 (Photo by Susan Becker)

Tall Burners, 2017 (Photo by Juan P. Zapata)

Yellow Bikes, 2019 (Photo by George P. Post)

Center Camp, 2003 (Photo by Gary Stadler)

Heart Phoenix Color Caravan Camp, 2014 (Photo by Philippe Glade)

Slut Garden, 2014 (Photo by Philippe Glade)

Street sign 3@Esplanade, 2014 (Photo by Philippe Glade)

The Painted Lady on the Esplanade, 2014 (Photo by Philippe Glade)

Bike Rack by Mark Grieve, Ilana Spector, 2007 (Photo by Tristan Savatier)

Collection of bikes left on the playa, 2015 (Photo by Jason Silverio)

Center Camp Cafe: Under Construction, 2015

Medusa Madness by Kevin Clark, 2015 (Photo by James Wynd)

A camp in open camping at 3:30 & Kronos, 2019 (Photo by Bill Klemens)

BORiNG Sign, 2019 (Photo by Juan P. Zapata)

Theme camp bar, 2019 (Photo by Duygu Sar)

Destiny Lounge, 2019 (Photo by Keith Aeschliman)

Ice Pyrates Camp, 2017 (Photo by Philippe Glade)

Incendia and Kasbah camp, 2019 (Photo by Jan Philip Safarik)

Lanterns at 50 Shades of Spam Camp, 2019 (Photo by Philippe Glade)

Martini Village, 2019 (Photo by Dan Adams)


Temple Fall, 2014 (Video by the Documentation Team)

Burning Man, 2018 (Video by Philippe Meicler)

Tribute to the Temple of Whollyness (Video by Rich Van Every)

What is Burning Man in a Single Word (Video by Going Further, Lindsay Kent & Colby O’Neill)